Long Story Short

45 minute film


“I was hugely impressed by LONG STORY SHORT, its gripping detail and precision. It’s a masterpiece of editing, very virtuosic. Great work!” —Yvonne Rainer

“An original piece of editing, which exploits the split screen principle in a way that is as pertinent as it is original.” —Telerama

“A hundred ways of being poor and a hundred ways of saying it close-up combine to form a polyphonic account. The hundred people in tenuous housing in California who give similar statements in LONG STORY SHORT respond to one another, directly or indirectly, in a convergence of people, whether isolated individuals or those placed in groups and aligned. They are intertwined, they resonate with one another, and it is this chorus of minimalist yet intelligent writing that was awarded.” —En attendant Nadeau, Journal of Literature, Ideas and the Arts

“A surprising film, an incredible work of montage on the collective power of speech.” —Maria Bonsanti, Artistic Director, Cinéma du Réel

“[The film’s] candid but humanizing approach interrupts the prejudice and pity commonly directed toward individuals living in poverty, revealing instead the long-term, systemic nature of economic disenfranchisement.”—Jennifer Gonzalez, Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture, UC Santa Cruz

“Explores poverty in the United States with a bold narrative technique…. The great value of the film is not only in the strength of its witnesses, and not only the impressive work of selecting and editing the sound and image, but that the ingenious form of its conception is tailored to its ambitions.” —Diego Batlle, Otros Cines

“Reveals the crushing collective reality of poverty in the United States. It sizzles with calm rage!” – Trebor Scholz, Associate Professor of Culture & Media Studies, The New School

Long Story Short

Grand Prize, Cinema du Reel Film Festival
Documentary Silver Award, Athens Film & Video Festival
Programmer’s Award for Short Documentary, Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival
Documentary Fortnight, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Special Mention RIDM, Montreal International Documentary Festival

US and Canada Distribution Icarus Films